Xerox® Performance

Xerox® Performance

Quality, efficiency and reliability that you’d expect from a brand as trusted as Xerox®. Guaranteed.

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The Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line has long set the standard for performance in everyday, professional, and production printing.  From multipurpose printer papers to digital printing and specialty media, the entire line is designed by Domtar and qualified by Xerox® engineers to ensure optimal performance and increased productivity for all types of print jobs.

Running Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media on Xerox® printers and presses is the perfect set up for achieving the efficiency, reliability and stunning print quality your work demands.

Through a rigorous process at the Xerox® Media Technology Center, Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media have been designed to perform on Xerox® printers and presses and optimized to give the best results.

Likewise Xerox® printers and presses have been engineered with Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media as the centerline media through the development stages.  And Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media are utilized by Xerox® Technical Services to trouble-shoot equipment problems and establish a base-line.


Xerox® Paper Guarantee

With Domtar’s performance guarantee you can be assured that if you are unhappy with the performance of the product, you may return the unused portion and Domtar will either replace it, or refund your money.

In addition, our Xerox® Vitality® line is guaranteed to run 99.99% jam free on high-speed digital printing equipment.

To get the best results on specific Xerox® equipment please refer to our Recommended Media List, a list of products that have been specifically tested and certified by Xerox® along with printer set up instructions.

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us.